Spirit of 59 Competition Winners


Triumph Australia are pleased to announce the winners of the Spirit of ‘59 Competition.


Major Winner - Triumph Modern Classic Motorcycle:

  • Adrian Versteegen


Minor Winners - 10 x $500 Triumph Merchandise Vouchers:

  • D. Sharpe
  • W. Patan
  • B. Albrighton
  • N. Mcnair
  • N. Holmes
  • O. Bourne
  • P. Holmes
  • K. Rushworth
  • J. Cramer
  • P. Watson


Congratulations to Adrian, he will be the lucky owner of a new Triumph Modern Classic! Thanks to everyone who participated and test road one of our fantastic modern classics and congratulations to all the winners. We'd also like to thank all our Triumph Dealers for facilitating the Spirit of 59 Competition.

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